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  • Restore volume
  • Enhance contours, angles and lips
  • Fill lines and strengthen skin 
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As we age, the collagen in the face naturally declines. As a result, the face starts to sag and shadows and lines form. We also notice more
permanent lines on the surface of the skin and a less radiant complexion.
Dermal fillers are made of a synthetic form of a naturally occurring substance in the body. The clear gel is injected into the different layers
of the face from skin down to bone
. There are many uses for the treatment, from filling lines on the skin to contouring the shape of the face.
Our cosmetic injectors will help you identify the filler treatments that may benefit you and the best type of gel to achieve this.


What areas can be treated with dermal filler injections?

Dermal fillers are all made from the same active ingredient, however they are not all created equal. The gel varies in thickness, stretch and longevity, depending on the area and layer of the face to be injected. Treatment areas for thicker, longer lasting fillers include cheeks, temples, jawlines and chins. Thinner products that blend more easily into the skin are placed into areas including the lips, under the eyes, smile lines and shadows around the mouth. We have a range of different products and brands available that your cosmetic injector will discuss with you.


How long will the treatment take?

All of the dermal fillers that we offer are able to be performed as a ‘lunchtime procedure’. This means the majority of our fillers will rarely require much 'down time', however there are various risks involved that you will be consented for. Depending on the procedure, a local or topical anaesthetic may be used, however this will be determined after a thorough consult. You should allow for 30-60 minutes, depending how many areas you are having treated.

What does the procedure involve?

Treatment is performed by a qualified doctor or nurse (who has been delegated the injections by a prescribing doctor). Your face will be thoroughly cleaned and the fillers will be injected into multiple points and/or placed with a cannula (a blunt tip needle inserted after an entry point is made with a needle). The treatment generally takes between 30-45 min, but varies with how many syringes are being injected and the complexity of the area. We will keep checking the results (treatment requires scientific knowledge and an artistic eye!) and the treatment will be adapted throughout the session. 

Will it hurt?

The majority of the fillers contain a small amount of anaesthetic. While some injections may be uncomfortable, as the tissue begins to numb, you will probably be surprised that you won’t feel some at all. Ice or stress balls can be utilised, but most people tolerate the treatment well due to the numbing agent in the filler.
Topical numbing cream is often used for more sensitive areas like the lips and under eyes.


Are there any reasons why I can’t have dermal filler?

Treatment should not be given to those with sensitivity to the given product, current active skin infection, recent Covid vaccine and women who are pregnant, breastfeeding or trying to conceive. Treatment should be cautioned in those with: serious auto-immune or clotting disorders, general poor health, previous complications with dermal fillers, previous permanent fillers and facial implants. Treatment can also not be given if the motivations for treatment are unrealistic or causing undue stress to the person. Your suitability for treatment will be assessed by a prescribing doctor.

What should I do after the treatment?

Please note, you will be provided an After Care and Important information form after your treatment.
In most cases, Dermal Fillers are a considered a 'lunch-time' procedure and don't generally require much down-time or recovery. There are circumstances where these treatments can have more serious side effects such as moderate-severe bruising or blockage of the blood flow to the treated area. You will be consented during your consultation for these side effects and made well aware how to access help if need be.

Most dermal filler procedures give an instant result (with extra volume from swelling) with minimal down time. Many clients return to normal activities immediately, but you may wish to cancel any plans for the rest of the day due to swelling and numbness from the anaesthetic.

After the treatment you should:

- Avoid touching the treated area or applying makeup for 24 hours
- Avoid hot drinks and food if your mouth has been numbed.
- Avoid kissing for 48 hours after treatment to the lips
- Apply a clean and cool compress to treated areas to help reduce swelling 
- Be gentle touching the treatment area for 48 hours (no face down massage or harsh exfoliating)
- Avoid strenuous exercise, saunas and spas for 48 hours
- If directed by the prescriber, ensure you take a dose of over the counter antiviral medication if you have a history of coldsores.

- Avoid overseas travel for two weeks, in case you need to be reviewed and treated for complications.

- Avoid having a Covid vaccine for two weeks.

Visit our Contact Us page, for more information on further assistance.

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