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Stimulate collagen and enhance natural skin glow. Experience our most popular skin treatment the Triple Skin Booster.


Skin Boosters are micro injections of one or more ingredients into the superficial layers of the skin, to stimulate collagen and enhance natural skin glow. We offer several variations of this treatment containing one, two or all of the following ingredients. The 'Triple Skin Booster' contains all 3.
1. Hydration: Skin boosters contain the thinnest version of the same gel contained in dermal fillers. They are almost watery in texture.
2. Micro-anti-wrinkle: micro doses of anti-wrinkle injections are used in micro-doses in the skin rather than the muscles. The aim is to reduce pore size, tighten the skin surface and reduce oil secretion. Muscle weakness is an unexpected side effect, but is possible to occur. ⁣
3. Platelet-rich plasma (PRP): PRP is a portion of your blood that can stimulate new collagen production. This product is 100% your body’s own natural blood product. 

Please note that although the individual application for the products in skin boosters have been studied widely for safety, effectiveness and side effects, the ‘Triple Skin Boosters’ and combinations of these injections are more experimental in their nature.

What areas can be treated with skin boosters?

The face, neck and décolletage are the targeted areas for skin boosters. Skinboosters are placed into the superficial layers of the skin, with the aim of stimulating the formation of new collagen and enhancing skin glow. Both the needling of the skin and the PRP stimulate the wound healing response in the skin to form new collagen, while the hydration component can leave the skin glowing. As mentioned above micro-anti-wrinkle in the skin can create a temporary skin smoothing effect. 

What does the procedure involve?

Your face will be thoroughly cleaned and a topical numbing cream may be applied which will require around 30 minutes to take effect.

If PRP is included, a small portion of your blood will be taken and spun in a centrifuge to separate the components. The ingredients may be combined and delivered via a microneedling injector device or simply delivered separately freehand, with a series of small needle punctures. The treatment generally takes about 45 min, but varies with how many ingredients are being injected and the amount of areas.
A post treatment cooling mask and/or a post treatment cream may be applied with an appropriate SPF. 
 We recommend repeating this 1-2 times a year.


Does this treatment hurt?

While many people describe the treatment as 'uncomfortable', we take measures to prepare your skin for treatment. In most cases, an over the counter, lower strength topical numbing cream can be used prior to treatment. However, should a strong topical anaesthetic be applied, you will have a consult with one of our prescribing doctors. Simple analgesia like paracetamol can be taken as per the product directions for any tenderness post treatment.

What is the recovery time?

After a skin booster treatment, you may appear moderately sunburnt and your skin may be tender to touch with little bumps on the skin. Most client's redness and bumpiness will resolve after about 3 days, however this could be a week or longer depending on your skin type and how well you adhere to the post care instructions. 

We will advise you of the correct aftercare to look after your skin during the healing process.

Are there any reasons why I can’t have skin needling?

Treatment should not be given to those with sensitivity to the active ingredients or anaesthetics, current active skin infection including acne and women who are pregnant, breastfeeding or trying to conceive. Treatment should be cautioned in those with: serious auto-immune or clotting disorders, those prone to keloid scarring, those prone to herpes simplex infection of the skin, general poor health, previous permanent fillers and facial implants. Treatment can also not be given if the motivations for treatment are unrealistic or causing undue stress to the person. Your suitability for treatment will be assessed by a prescribing doctor.

What should I do after the treatment?

Please note, you will be provide an After Care and Important information form after your treatment.

Post treatment, your skin may look moderately red and inflamed with tiny bumps on the skin. You may wish to cancel any plans for the rest of the day or plan for this treatment on a day without other commitments.
After the treatment you should:

- Not pick, pull or touch treated skin for the rest of the day. Be gentle touching the treatment area over the next 48 hours (no face down massage or harsh exfoliating)

- Unless advised otherwise, keep the post-treatment cream on and do not wash your face until the next morning. A gentle cleanser, moisturiser and SPF should be used at this point as advised by your practitioner.

- Avoid touching the treated area or applying makeup for at least 24 hours

- Avoid direct sun exposure for 24 hours and be vigilant to apply SPF for the following 2 weeks.

- Avoid strenuous exercise, saunas and spas for 48 hours

- Avoid active skin products like AHA and retinol for at least 2-3 days or longer until the redness has subsided.

- If directed by the prescriber, ensure you take a dose of over the counter antiviral medication if you have a history of coldsores.

Visit our Contact Us page, for more information on further assistance.

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