Covid 19 Business Updates

Update 27-10-2020
The below opening was delayed. We are now taking bookings for our South Melbourne Clinic beginning 30/10/20 for upper face anti-wrinkle injections ONLY. All clients must keep their face mask on during treatment. Treatment available with Dr Justine only.
Update 02-10-2020
We are now taking tentative bookings for our South Melbourne Clinic for the week beginning the 26/10/2020 for upper face anti-wrinkle injections ONLY. All clients must keep their face mask on during treatment. 
Update 19-08-2020
Our South Melbourne Clinics is closed due to the Stage 4 Lockdown in Victoria. We are taking names for the waiting list, as it is currently uncertain whether we will be able to open in mid September when the lockdown is due to end.
Our Milton (Brisbane),  Canberra and Townsville clinics remain closed. We recommend you to visit our Affiliate Clinic Locations page to find a list of clinics in our group. 
Update 26-05-2020
Recommencement of Cosmetic Services in Perth and Melbourne.
Our Applecross and Leederville clinics will take bookings from 8th of June 2020 for our regular injectors. 
Our South Melbourne Clinic will take bookings for the 2nd of June 2020 for our regular injectors. 
Please note:
Reopening guidelines are important to ensure that in these early stages of easing restrictions the health and safety of staff and clients is prioritised. •
- High cleanliness standards will be adhered to, including strict infection control procedures, continuous cleaning of treatment rooms and common spaces, handwashing and personal hygiene practices. •
- Every surface including benches, beds, desks, iPads, Eftpos machines and computers are to wiped down between clients with surgical disinfectant spray. •
- Each client must apply hand sanitiser provided on arrival (before entering the treatment room) and then again following treatment, before leaving the clinic. •
- Temperatures will be taken at entry and those with a temperature over 37. 4c will be handed advice on testing and will be required to leave the clinic. •
- All staff members will be required to wear a surgical mask. Treatment masks can be made available to clients, if stock limits allow. •
- Practitioners are encouraged to use PPE including scrubs (worn only in the clinic), surgical masks, single use gloves and face shields, where available. •
- Appointments should be limited to a 15 to 30 minute duration and face to face time will to be minimised. This may mean spacing treatments out over several sessions. • - - Appointments will be staggered to ensure only one client is waiting at one time. • - - All clients will be asked during time of booking regarding pre-screening questions and encouraged to download the COVIDSafe app. •
- If any clients presents ANY respiratory symptoms or feel unwell at all , they will not be permitted in the clinic. •
- No magazines, skin testers or beverages will be present in the waiting areas. • Clients are encouraged to attend appointments alone. One other person may attend for support if necessary. No children should attend appointments at this time.

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