Covid 19 Business Updates

Update 25-04-2020
Recommencement of Some Cosmetic Medical Services
Applecross only.

Following recommendations from the Cosmetic Physicians College of Australia for recommencement of cosmetic procedures, selected Doctors only, will offer medical cosmetic appointments next week at our Applecross clinic. This is a gradual soft opening, with limited appointments and strict measures followed.

At this point, appointments will be with Dr Albert Ho at Applecross.


This is a gradual soft opening, with limited appointments and strict infection control and social distancing measures followed.

Email to request a call back on Monday or call 1300 568 348 from Monday 27/04/2020.

● How do I know if staff at the clinic, including the doctor has COVID19?

Staff who are known contacts of COVID19 positive patients are required by law to self-
isolate at home. 
Staff with symptoms of fever, cough and fatigue are required not to attend work.

● Should I let the clinic know if I am unsure about people I have been in contact with?
Yes, you should. A determination of each circumstance will be assessed by the
medical practitioner.

● Is it absolutely safe to have cosmetic medical procedures at this time?
It is safe to the extent possible comparable to going to the supermarket and other similar
places where social distancing disciplines are observed.

● Will cosmetic injections make me more susceptible to COVID19 virus infection?
There is no evidence that cosmetic procedures make patients who are otherwise well
more susceptible to disease processes, including COVID19.

● If I develop side effects from my cosmetic medical procedure, how do I know if they are
not related to COVID19?
Side effects from cosmetic medical procedures are different to the effects of COVID19
which are primarily shortness of breath, persistent cough, and fever.

● Can I bring a friend with me when I attend the clinic?
It is preferred that you come alone to your appointment, but if necessary, you may bring
a member of your family if they reside with you.

● My children are at home so is it ok if I bring them with me to the clinic?
Children should NOT attend with you.

● If I develop a fever, a cough or feel unwell after visiting the clinic, what should I do?
It is essential that you advise the clinic should these symptoms develop as soon as they
occur after your attendance.

Update 10-04-2020
Limited Services Available at Applecross


Dr Albert has opened Applecross to offer limited medical services during the lockdown period. 

Please call 1300 568 348 or email for more info.

Services include:

1. FLU SHOTS (subject to availability)


Muscle relaxant injections can assist conditions such as migraines, tension headaches, neuralgia and teeth grinding. If you
regularly have this treatment or would like to learn more, you will be consulted via telehealth or at the clinic, to first determine suitability for treatment. Cosmetic focussed injectables are not available currently.


Available Australia wide, telehealth is a great way to get counselling on a medical issue or renew a prescription from the safety of your home. 

Available 9-6pm Mon-Fri and 9-12pm Saturday, (West Coast Time) with Dr Albert, who has decades of general practice experience. Bulk billing available.



When necessary, Dr Albert is offering face-to-face health screening at Applecross. This can include general checkups, blood test and pathology requests, referrals and pre-employment medical checks.


There are several medical options to give your weight loss goals a headstart. This may include a combination of prescription medicine and nutritional plans. This can be offered over Telehealth and in clinic.


Give your immune system a boost with an IV injection containing super anti-oxidants, such as Vitamin C and Glutathione. This can help kick your immune system into high gear and aid recovery from recent illness. An initial consult will be bulk billed followed by your prescribed treatment plan. Performed every 2 - 4 weeks. A course of 3 - 6 treatments reccommended.


PRP uses the blood's own healing mechanisms to assist in repairing tissue damage. 1-3 treatments is recommended, spaced 4-6 weeks apart. Dr Albert can discuss and provide this treatment for you, including ordering any diagnostic testing required beforehand. 


As the body ages and the hormones change and deplete, therapeutic replacement can help maintain the skin for longer and have other benefits including feeling of wellbeing. Dr Albert can discuss the option of hormone replacement with you, including any diagnostic testing required beforehand.

Update 26-05-2020
Recommencement of Cosmetic Services in Perth and Melbourne.
Our Applecross and Leederville clinics will take bookings from 8th of June 2020 for our regular injectors. 
Our South Melbourne Clinic will take bookings for the 2nd of June 2020 for our regular injectors. 
Please note:
Reopening guidelines are important to ensure that in these early stages of easing restrictions the health and safety of staff and clients is prioritised. •
- High cleanliness standards will be adhered to, including strict infection control procedures, continuous cleaning of treatment rooms and common spaces, handwashing and personal hygiene practices. •
- Every surface including benches, beds, desks, iPads, Eftpos machines and computers are to wiped down between clients with surgical disinfectant spray. •
- Each client must apply hand sanitiser provided on arrival (before entering the treatment room) and then again following treatment, before leaving the clinic. •
- Temperatures will be taken at entry and those with a temperature over 37. 4c will be handed advice on testing and will be required to leave the clinic. •
- All staff members will be required to wear a surgical mask. Treatment masks can be made available to clients, if stock limits allow. •
- Practitioners are encouraged to use PPE including scrubs (worn only in the clinic), surgical masks, single use gloves and face shields, where available. •
- Appointments should be limited to a 15 to 30 minute duration and face to face time will to be minimised. This may mean spacing treatments out over several sessions. • - - Appointments will be staggered to ensure only one client is waiting at one time. • - - All clients will be asked during time of booking regarding pre-screening questions and encouraged to download the COVIDSafe app. •
- If any clients presents ANY respiratory symptoms or feel unwell at all , they will not be permitted in the clinic. •
- No magazines, skin testers or beverages will be present in the waiting areas. • Clients are encouraged to attend appointments alone. One other person may attend for support if necessary. No children should attend appointments at this time.
Update 26-03-2020
Information Regarding Temporary Closure Due to Covid-19 Restrictions

To our loyal and valued clients,


As you might be aware, the new Government restrictions put in place to slow the spread of the Coronavirus have caused temporary closure of our clinics around Australia, as of midnight 25/03/2020. 

Although these restrictions will have an enormous impact on our industry, as health professionals, we support and understand the measures taken to put public health and safety first.


Firstly, we’d like to thank you for your support and patience.
We treat clients all around Australia and see the stressful impact that this pandemic is having on countless lives. The treatments that we provide have become a mainstay of many people’s personal-care regimes and we will work to bring you tips and tricks over the coming time on caring for yourself and your skin during this downtime.
Follow our Facebook and Instagram pages at @renaissance_clinics to stay up to date on this and other announcements.


We would like to also acknowledge our wonderful team. With the incredibly difficult decision to temporarily stand down our people, we are ready to weather this storm and help bring Renaissance back to life for the long-term. These employees are people that we do not want to lose. We hope to bring as many of them as possible back on board when conditions improve and we are able to reopen.


When will Renaissance Clinics Reopen?

At this point we are taking it week by week and this will depend when the curve in Australia begins to drop and stabilise and the Government determines it is safe to proceed. We remain committed to coming out on the other side of this crisis stronger than ever.


How do I get in touch if I have a question about a future or previous treatment?

Our phoneline 1300 568 348 is still being managed, so please call if you have any questions regarding future or previous treatments. You can also contact
We can provide you with the Dr Albert’s direct number for any medically related issues regarding future or previous treatments.


Thank-you once again for supporting our business through what is undoubtedly the most unprecedented challenge of the company’s history. We are incredibly grateful to our clients who share our passion for aesthetics. We will continue to communicate and update you on our next steps over the coming weeks and months.


We would like to take one last chance to acknowledge ALL of the incredible people facing this virus head on, especially our doctor and nurse comrades in the hospital and communities.


Take care, stay safe and stay at home unless absolutely necessary,

Renaissance Cosmetic Clinics.

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