Meet Nqobile at Opulence Aesthetics Clinic, Byford WA

We welcomed Nqobile Nhlebela to the Renaissance Group in early 2020 and are excited to support her business to grow. Find her in the south-east of Perth at Opulence Aesthetics Clinic in Byford.

Where is your clinic? 

Opulence Aesthetic Clinic is at Lakeside Plaza Byford WA, 6122

What kind of clientele do you have?

The clientele I have here is mostly farming families, working class population.

Describe a typical day in your clinic?

A typical day in my clinic is carrying out a full face consultation with old/new clients which helps me to understand their needs, requirements and expectations for their go to treatments and / or suggested treatments for individual clients. If not doing the above mentioned, I am searching for short courses to do online to enhance my knowledge/experience so I can be able to implement it in my clinic providing new or updated treatments to my clients when required.

What is your favourite treatment to perform?

I immensely enjoy each and every treatment we provide in my clinic but there is not one but two which are my favourites; dermal filler is one due to the fact that its effectiveness is instant shortly after administration, effectiveness is highlighted. My second is administering the LED  Celluma Pro Device on a client for various reasons e.g. ACNE, fine lines/wrinkles, wound healing, pain management, skin pigmentation, inflammation to name a few. It only takes 30mins to administer and results are very effective if the device is also used often.

How did you get into cosmetic injecting?

I got into cosmetics injectables in 2006 by meeting an Allergan Rep at my doctor's medical centre. I asked her some questions and the response she gave teased my curiosity. I changed my career from being a teacher to becoming an RN so I can get into cosmetics injectables.  I worked with a cosmetic doctor for more than 2 years and thoroughly enjoyed it. Life detoured, took me to different directions but I never stopped doing courses to enhance my knowledge about this evolving industry. I then did a refresher course last year on injectables and it was the most enjoyable moment. I have never looked back and how here I am with my own clinic in a stunning and beautiful place in Byford.

What do you think is the future of anti-ageing?

The future of anti-ageing has endless opportunities. The cosmetic industry is evolving and there are always new treatments/ or new devices to combat anti-ageing and it is always exciting to learn and explore new inventions and updated treatments to implement/educate my clients.

What are 2 products you can't live without?

Three products I can not live without:

1. LED Celluma Pro Device, it is so versatile with a lot of treatments to offer in one device and I am in heaven!

2. My ASAP skin product regime they are made in Australia and so conducive for my sensitive skin and my needs at the moment.

Any other tips for anti-ageing?

-hydration of the inner skin by drinking water and also hydrating the outer by moisturising the entire body daily without fail.

-have a skin product and follow your prescribed daily regime and stick to it if it works effectively for you

-eat healthy meals and have your dinner early, latest 6:00pm to give the food an opportunity to digest before going to bed. At least go to bed 2 hours after having eaten

-be physically active