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Weight Loss Under Medical Guidance

For many people, the battle of the bulge is a neverending uphill climb, that only gets more difficult over time. Being overweight can not only lead to longterm health impacts like diabetes, cardiovascular disease and musculoskeletal issues, but it is also associated with low self-confidence and poor self-esteem.

Did you know that there are options available to help support your journey of weight loss beyond restrictive eating?

An Initial Consult is the First Step

Dr Albert is a friendly, experienced and non-judgemental doctor who has experience with a wide range of issues, including medical weight loss options.

At the initial consult, he will discuss with you your past and present medical history, weight loss journey, goals, nutrition and expectations. This consult is bulk billed under Medicare, so if you decide not to continue with any treatment, there is nothing to lose.

Identifying the Barriers

There could be many factors contributing to the reason you are unable to lose weight, including your diet and exercise choices, hormones, genetics or current medications. The benefit of having a doctor involved in your weight loss journey is that many of these factors, that are often overlooked, can be explored.

Education about the pros and cons that will assist in weight loss, maybe all that you require.

Options to Reach Your Goal

There are several options for medically assisted weight loss, including prescribed medicines, nutritional planning, referrals to specialists, pathology requests and coaching and counselling on how to shed weight and keep it off.

Some of the available medicines can either help to speed up a sluggish metabolism or decrease your appetite. These are used strictly under medical guidance in combination with a nutritional plan, and may or may not benefit you.

Having the support of a health professional can make you more motivated and more likely to stay on track with the plan that has been developed for you.

Dr Albert is offering this service to existing and new patients at Renaissance and can conduct your first consult via telehealth or at the Applecross clinic.

Call 1300 568 348 or email to make a time.


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