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5 Wellness Tips in the Time of a Public Health Crisis

The impact the Covid-19 pandemic has had across the globe is like nothing we have seen in our lifetime. Not only is the virus deadly to some, it is also bringing economies and the world's most iconic cities to their knees.

The fear of having a vulnerable loved one succumb to illness and even the unknown of how our own bodies can react to it, even if we are fit and healthy, has life as we know it at a standstill.

More than ever, it's important that we look after ourselves. Renaissance Clinics Applecross has adapted its services to offer our clients medical wellness solutions during this time.

1. Boost Immunity and Protect Against Flu

Intravenous vitamin infusions containing Vitamin C with an added option of Glutathione and/or B Complex, can help boost your immunity this winter. A medical consult and blood chemistry will be obtained prior to treatment to ensure suitability.

Flu shots are also available (subject to availability) in Applecross. All Australians are being urged to get their flu shot early to avoid the possible double whammy of contracting Corona virus and influenza at the same time.

2. Follow Public Health Advice

As simple as some of the advice may seem, it is actually very difficult to do some of the

basics, like avoid touching your face! Learn the ways to prevent the spread of the virus and become the annoying friend and relative that teaches everyone else to use their knee or elbow to touch the traffic light button!

3. Stay Mentally Well

Mental health should be nurtured in the same way that physical health is. Stay in touch with your network via video chat to maintain a feeling of connection. Get outside for some fresh air, daily exercise and try to keep some routine maintained. There are several counselling services available online, including Beyond Blue and Lifeline, if you need some focussed support.

If you would like to speak with a health professional, Dr Albert is available for counselling through telehealth.

4. Don't Neglect Medical Checkups

Just because all of the focus is on the current Coronavirus, it is important to keep on top of your regular health checkups and address any new health concerns. With the emergence of Telehealth around the country, this is a great way to access medical help without leaving your house. As well as offering medical consults, Dr Albert delivers specialised advice and management of weight loss, hormone therapies, skin checks and muscle relaxant for medical conditions such as migraines and neuralgia.

5. Go Back to Basics

If you have the opportunity to stay home, take this time to do so and slow down. Take an online course, learn a language, get fit, cook and spend time getting back in touch with yourself.

If you find it emotionally or mentally stressful to not be able to access your regular cosmetic treatments, you are not the only one. These treatments have become a mainstay of how people view themselves. This a good opportunity to focus on your skin health. We have a range of cosmeceutical products available on with FREE delivery.


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