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Nourish Winter Skin with a Beauty Booster Treatment

Are you feeling a little dry from the cold winter air?

A series of skin hydrating treatments during the winter not only help to nourish the skin but allow the skin to recover properly without the risk of extreme sun exposure.

At Renaissance we like to focus on all layers of the face: skin, muscles, fat and bone. At times, many clients are so focussed on softening lines and wrinkles, the condition and quality of the skin gets neglected.

A Beauty Booster treatment works by depositing micro injections of a hydrating protein into the skin (also laced with anti-oxidants and minerals) to create a glow from the inside out.

The goal of the treatment is to treat skin, not to fill lines or increase volume. The automated depth selection allows us to deposit the product in the exact layer of the skin where fibroblasts can be activated to encourage stimulation of new collagen and tightening of elastin.

This treatment is a regeneration process and we recommend a series of 3 treatments once every 12 months for optimal results.

Treatment of the neck with 3ml. Image courtesy of supplying pharmaceutical company.

At Renaissance we also offer treatment packages for enhanced results, combining PRP, micro anti-wrinkle injections and hydrating injections.

This treatment is suitable for the full face, neck and declotage.

Book in for a complimentary consult to see if this is right for you!

Note that individual results vary and all treatments carry risks that must be discussed on consult.


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