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To Reach Your

Anti-Ageing Goals

All of our initial consultations are complimentary and give you a chance to learn about the treatments that may benefit you with one of our cosmetic trained doctors or nurses. 

We will discuss treatment options to improve your appearance or reduce the signs of ageing as well as give you realistic options based on your budget. 

You may decide to go ahead with treatment on the day or make a followup appointment.
Consultations are complimentary, so you have nothing to lose!


Book a



Our faces are 3D and multi-layered. When you renovate a house, there is no use in laying new paint unless the foundations are steady and the doors are hinged! In much the same way, we consider treatments for every layer of ageing.

SKIN – Texture, tone and pigmentation

VOLUME – Facial Fat and Contours

MUSCLE – Dynamic and Static Wrinkles

BONE – Support and foundation


Learn About the

Layers of 

Facial Ageing

You may know specifically what you would like to focus on or just generally like to improve your appearance or ‘look less tired’. It is not always obvious what treatments will help to achieve this. We can help you to identify the signs of ageing or imbalance in the face and the treatments that may help to improve them.


Create a



Anti-ageing is a marathon, not a sprint. Therefore we need to make reasonable goals and schedule regular treatments to achieve an ongoing plan that will deliver results.

Our team collaborate using our paperless software, which securely stores your records such as treatment notes and before and after photos, so that we can access your information, no matter who treats you.


Consider Your

Motivation for 


The foundation to any anti-ageing plan is effective cosmeceutical skincare. Daily use is essential to protect against free radicals, nourish healthy skin cells and create a stronger skin barrier in order to retain moisture. 

We offer a cost effective and highly effective cosmeceutical skincare line that can help you achieve a more glowing, even and hydrated skin tone. Our doctors and nurses can recommend the products that are right for your specific needs.




Lines &



Structure &


Dermal Fillers and Anti-Wrinkle Injections are our two most popular treatment for anti-ageing. Not only is the downtime very minimal, the results are in full effect within a matter of days to weeks.

We have made these procedures our focus and attend regular training with industry leaders, to bring you treatments that are effective and as safe as possible.

We know how to assess the face and identify signs of ageing, to create natural results that balance the face. 

Anti-wrinkle injections are used in the upper and lower face to soften muscle movements that create lines, wrinkles and puckering in the skin. 

Dermal Fillers are hydrating gels injected into the skin and lips for filling lines, plumping tissue and supporting bone and fat to lift the face and create contours.


Skin Boosting

& Collagen 


Plan Ahead

for Events



Health &


Beyond the




Bad Habits



It is essential to rebook for follow-up treatment at the prescribed intervals to achieve ongoing results and avoid the ‘before and after’ effect of letting treatment results completely wear off. Ongoing cosmeceutical skincare is your home maintenance for glowing, healthy skin. 



Ageing is


As the skin ages, collagen and elastin start to deplete. We can increase skin strength and hydration with skin boosting injections and micro needling of the skin. We have various treatments that focus on giving the skin a little extra boost and stimulating a natural wound healing response. These include Skin Boosting Hydration Injections, PRP therapy, Skin Needling and Chemical Peels.

We offer a range of cosmetic treatments beyond the face, such as fat dissolving of the double chin. Book a complimentary consult to see if you are suitable for treatment. 

A lot of improvement can be achieved in the skin’s appearance by reducing bad habits such as prolonged sun exposure and smoking.

We find that many clients become motivated to take better care of their skin once they begin having regular treatments, to prolong results.

We always recommend to have your treatments at least 4 weeks before a big event to allow for top-up treatment and potential bruising to heal. Rebook to secure availability.

Changing health conditions such as pregnancy can create unexpected changes in your skin. Speak to your doctor about what you can expect as well as treatments and skincare that may be safe for you during these times, to maintain as much skin nourishment as possible. 

A fact of life is that everybody gets older.
How we approach facial ageing can significantly effect our confidence and wellbeing. 

With a positive acceptance of ageing, daily use of quality cosmeceutical skincare and rebooking regular treatments under the guidance of a cosmetic trained healthcare professional, you can maintain the the best version of yourself as the years roll on.

Book a complimentary consultation with Renaissance Cosmetic Clinics and let us help create a more beautiful you!

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